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CPS Platform

Implementation of a communication and system infrastructure with necessary management and production services and defined QoS (quality of service) characteristics for the efficient construction and integration of CPS for an application domain. 

Cyber-Physical Production System – CPPS

CPS which is used in production.

Cyber-Physical System

In implementation, this means that companies connect their operating resources, machines and logistics systems increasingly online in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), if required on a global scale. This opens up new possibilities for an intelligent production, in which all objects are steering each other’s by means of the independent exchange of data and information. In this way, industrial processes can be improved fundamentally in engineering, the use of materials and production, supply chain and life cycle management.

System which links real (physical) objects and processes with information-processing (virtual) objects and processes via open, in some cases global, and constantly interconnected information networks. 

Note: A CPS optionally uses services available locally or remotely, has human-machine interfaces, and offers the possibility of dynamic adaptation of the system at runtime.